Just a quick information about the newly opened Coffee Shop in Surabaya. This Coffee Shop is still related with Monopole Coffee Lab, but the location is way further to the center side of Surabaya and the place is way bigger and better. If I may give you spoiler on this first paragraph, this place is definitely the new favorite place to hangout for you Instagrammers!

Caturra ~ Espresso
Location :
Caturra Espresso is located in the center of Surabaya, precisely in Anjasmoro Street, right next to DMP Music. They have their own parking space, but it’s not that many, however, the road is pretty wide on that street, so even if you have to park outside, I guess it’s still safe. 🙂
Caturra Espresso is quite impressive in terms of design. It amazed me through its simplicity. They don’t have a lot of decorations, they use a lot of white and black for its theme color and woods for the tables. But yet again, it felt like this place had already won a lot of people’s heart. I could tell by seeing most of them taking quite an advanced pictures in here. Whether it’s just the coffee pictures, or the food pictures, or the people itself (selfie or ootd pictures).
In terms of capacity, Caturra is pretty big for a Coffee Shop. It has an outdoor and an indoor space. In total, I guess they can accommodate around a hundred people in both area. And oh my, look at those glass window and glass ceiling! Say hello to a perfect natural lighting people~ (Well, it’s going to be pretty hot on a sunny day, so better use your sunscreen before, hehe..)

For the menu, they offer you Coffee (obviously), manual brew, blended drinks and also juices. The price are around 30k-45k. While for their snacks, the prices are around 30k-40k, and the foods are around 50k-70k. Honestly, for a coffee shop, it’s quite expensive to me. But maybe it’s because their foods are free from MSG? I don’t know, everyone’s opinion might be different, so yeah. You decide!

I did try some of their foods, like the Ham Cheese & Egg Croissant (69k) above, I also tried their Crisscut Fries (35k) and a bit of their Prawn & Mushroom Spaghetti (69k). Well, they were all nice in taste. 🙂 But I’m still wishing they have something more affordable in the future.Overall experience, I love this place. If you want to meet ‘happening’ people, go to this place. Wear your best outfit and take lots of pictures, haha.. But one thing that needs improvement is the service. I won’t say they’re bad, just try to be more friendly, talkative and also more sensitive. We once waved for almost a minute without anyone noticing, we’re so invincible, hahah..Summary

Caturra Espresso
Jl. Anjasmoro 24 Surabaya
Tuesday – Thursday : 12.30 PM – 09.00 PM
Friday – Saturday : 01.00 PM – 09.30 PM

Sunday :  12.30 PM – 09.00 PM

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