I got asked a lot of times about new cafes and restaurants in Surabaya by my friends and also on my social media. When they asked me about names, I could come up with so many of it, but when they asked me about the quality and the taste of the foods, honestly, I could only come up with just a few. Nowadays, I see a lot of new places that has a very pretty decoration, pretty plate, and stuff. Yes, they do matter, but the only thing that could hold up your place hanging and make your customers keep coming back is your food, right? So here’s a new restaurant that I could say has a great quality in taste of their foods.

Uncle Jack’s Kitchen
Preview :
Uncle Jack’s Kitchen is located in the west side of Surabaya (address and map will always be attached at the bottom of the blog post, so keep reading). It is next to Pisa Cafe and Grapari to be exact. I’ve already seen the board name weeks ago as I often pass through that street, but they finally open the restaurant for public on November 27th. I went there with my friends two days after and as I predicted, they served chinese foods. 🙂
The Place :
The building contains two floor of dining space; the first floor is the non-smoking area and it could accommodate around 40 people, the second floor is the smoking area and it could accommodate around 30 to 40 people. While the third floor is the kitchen I suppose, because I saw a lot of the staffs (the waiters and also the chefs) were running up and down the stairs serving the dishes to the customers.

 First Floor – Second Floor 

The Ambiance :

When I arrived, the place was full of people (thank God, Fiony has reserved a table before), and most of them were young people. Because you know, when there is a new place, every one wants to be the first one to try and upload it on their instagram. 😉 I also saw some of the elder with their family, and I guess a chinese restaurant like this will attract not only the young, but people in general at all age.

The Foods :

When I’m around my friends, believe it or not, I rarely interfere when it comes to ordering the foods. Trust me, my friends has greater taste than I do. I just know how to take the pictures, how to eat, and how to put it all down together into one blog post, haha.. So, here’s what they ordered :

Beef Bistik HK [L] Rp. 98.000,- (4,5/5)
Tender meat, very tasty and well flavored, just a little bit too sweet for me.
Chick Kut Teh [L] Rp. 98.000,- (4/5)
The portion was very big, and it was actually yummy, but compared to the Bistik which has a very rich flavor, the Chick Kut Teh was kinda a little less flavored.
Prawn Salted Egg [S] Rp. 68.000,- (4,5/5)
My favorite! Just because I always love everything that cooked with salted egg and it was also very yummy.. 🙂 But for such size, it was quite pricey?
Tomyum Fried Rice [S] Rp. 38.000,- (4/5)
This was also yummy! But I didn’t taste any tom yum seasoning at all. I thought it was just a normal seafood fried rice.

Oyster Pancake [S] Rp. 28.000,- (1/5)

I didn’t get the chance to take a picture of it because we were all busying ourselves eating the foods, and because the Oyster Pancake came at last after we ate almost all of the dishes. Besides, it didn’t look appealing, furthermore, it didn’t taste great. I don’t know, maybe I just don’t like Oyster in general. But really, after I tasted it, I wish I didn’t.
Overall Thoughts & Tips :
The dining space is fine, the food were great, but they only open at night so my suggestion will be : make a reservation first before you come, especially if you want to come for dinner and if you have preference to be in the smoking or non smoking area. The parking lot is not that big, but I guess the parking guy would find you one no matter what. The price is vary, but you’ll save more if you come with your friends, you can share the bill and you have more foods to try.
Name :
Uncle Jack’s Kitchen
Overall Rating :
☆ (3,5/5)
Location :
Ruko Darmo Boulevard 6B (Next to Pisa Cafe & Grapari)
Operational Days :
Every Day
Operational Hours :
05.00 PM – 10.00 PM
Contact :
(031) 7329628
Walk in or Reservation :
Smoking Area :
On the Second Floor & Outside Only
EDC Machine :
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