Buro Bar is a part of Society Complex, which also explains its location. It’s at the same area as Historica and 1903, in Sumatra Street, where some of Surabaya’s most famous restaurants and hangout places are located. Buro Bar is actually open at 05.00 PM, but I came there quite late so there was not sun involved on these pics you’re about to see. *pardon*

My first thought about Buro Bar is : unexpectedly very big! I thought it was just one space of indoor area, but I was so wrong. Indeed they have the indoor area, but the outdoor area is way bigger! On the top picture is the left side of the outdoor bar and if you can see at the corner, is their fire place to make their famous pizza.

This are their main hall of the outdoor area. In here, they have a big bar, sofas and this area is covered with a roof as well, so unless it’s a windy rain, I guess you’ll be fine sitting here. On below picture there’s the right side of the outdoor bar, I don’t think it’s finished yet, but I’m sure when it’s done, it’s gonna be amazeballs! It’s just that this place is so spacious, you can use it for the dance floor or whatever, I just can’t wait to see what’s next!
I guess in total, Buro’s outdoor area can fit to around a hundred of people or maybe more. But the thing about outdoor area is the weather. It can get windy, or humid, or even worse, raining. And I also afraid of mosquito bites, so to be seated outside at night in the middle of the green grass, I might pass that for now. Well, no worries, they also have the indoor area!
Their indoor area I consider as an okay size for a bar, pretty much like Rui, but Buro Bar has a very high ceiling. For capacity, I’m pretty sure it can fit more than 50 people inside. I am sorry for the crappy picture before. I have troubles with my camera lately, it always turns off right after I turn it on, and it happens all the time now, so I have to keep turning it back off and on again, which is pretty annoying. Imagine when I was in Buro Bar, with a camera in my hands, standing among quite a lot of people trying to take pictures (yes they are watching me), but the camera keeps turning on and off, and I have to stand there longer to wait for it stabilized. bzzz I truly have no choice but to take only one lucky snap at a time, before I got kicked out because of making people uncomfortable.

I went to Buro Bar right after I went to Colibri, together with Colibri’s Owner whom I just met there as well, lol. I didn’t want to eat much, I just stuffed myself with Tenderloin Steak, so I let Peter choose. He said he was hungry so he ordered one Pizza and one Sliders. I scanned quick to the menu, price are pretty common with the other bars with such ambiance, and foods are mostly the simple ones.

Wood Fired Pizza (85k)
Salmon, Feta Cheese, Capers, Onions, Dill, Mozzarella, Rocket Leaves on Squid Ink Dough.

Sliders (73k)
Pork / Chicken / Beef
Just a quick thought about the foods : The first one was really nice, while the latter was not. Enough said. hahaha.. Overall, Buro Bar is perfect to hangout after work, the ambiance is really perfect to chill out with friends, have a little drink and just having a good conversation with your friends. You must try the Pizza though, hohoho.
Society Complex : Buro Bar Surabaya
Jl Sumatra 40
05.00 PM – 12.00 AM
RSVP : 031-5033003
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